Obstetric violence in pregnancy and childbirth as a violation of women's human rights
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Department of Midwifery, Institute of Health Sciences, Amasya University, Amasya, Turkey
Midwifery Department, Faculty of Health Sciences, Amasya University, Amasya, Turkey
Publication date: 2023-10-24
Corresponding author
Merve Sever   

Department of Midwifery, Institute of Health Sciences, Amasya University, Amasya, Turkey
Eur J Midwifery 2023;7(Supplement 1):A102
Obstetric violence is a specific form of violence against women that violates human rights. It is an important problem that can be seen in pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, affecting both mother and baby health negatively. According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), violence against women is practiced all over the world. Especially during pregnancy and childbirth, women experience situations of ill-treatment, disrespect, abuse, neglect and violation of human rights. violence reports; Denial of the presence of the woman's chosen friend to accompany her at birth; lack of information about the different procedures performed during care; unnecessary cesarean section; deprivation of the right to food and walking during labour; unjustified routine and repeated vaginal examinations; frequent oxytocin using to accelerate labor; It shows that women are exposed to permanent physical, mental and emotional damage as a result of situations such as episiotomy and Kristeller's maneuver without their consent. Not meeting the needs of women, not being informed, not encouraging breastfeeding, not delaying/not providing medical care are the negligence that constitutes obstetric violence. Obstetric care should be based on the best scientific evidence and patient preferences, respecting the rights and principles of women and mothers, rather than focusing solely on the disease. This approach eliminates beneficial/unhelpful health outcomes, inappropriate or unnecessary risky interventions, while promoting safe, effective and personalized care. Obstetric violence and abuse should be investigated, the forms of violence should be determined, and the awareness of caregivers about violence should be increased. Each country should develop relevant legislation that can address obstetric violence.
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