Erratum on:

How do professional connections and relationships impact midwives’ well-being and career sustainability? A Grounded Theory study protocol

By Lynnelle Moran, Sara Bayes, Kim Foster

European Journal of Midwifery, Volume 8, Issue March, Pages 1-7

Publish date: 4 March 2024


In the original article, on the fifth page, in the Ethics and dissemination section, the Ethics Committee and the registration number were missing as shown below:

Ethics approval was received from the [redacted for review] Human Research Ethics Committee on June 20, 2023 (Ethics Registration Number [Redacted for review]).

They have been now corrected as follows:

Ethics approval was received from the Australian Catholic University Human Research Ethics Committee (ACU HREC) on 20 June 2023 (Ethics Registration Number: 2023-3194E).

The mentioned changes are corrected also online.