European Publishing is encouraging its authors to submit manuscripts that have been previously published as pre-prints. Authors publishing in our journals may have shared their work ahead of submission, as well as during the journal's peer review process on repositories or preprint servers (such as MedarXiv, PeerJ Preprints etc), as long as the server does not impose restrictions upon the author's full copyright and re-use rights. Preprints are not considered prior publication, but it is essential that the preprint submitted in our journals is not under consideration by any other journal.

In order to make sure that correct attribution is given to the original source (either it is repositories or preprint servers), we suggest that the preprint is listed within the acknowledgement section of the manuscript and the full citation is included in the reference list.

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are encouraged to link their preprint with the published article, in order to enable their readers to access the peer-reviewed version. Preprints that undergo a peer review process through the European Journal of Midwifery will be published under the same licenses used for all the articles in the journal (for more information on the licenses please check the Open Access tab).