Can Chat-GPT be an effective tool for midwifery education?
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Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health and Care Science, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece
Publication date: 2023-10-24
Corresponding author
Stavroula Barbounaki   

Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health and Care Science, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece
Eur J Midwifery 2023;7(Supplement 1):A11
Artificial Intelligence is already creating opportunities for applications that challenge many practices in almost all domains of human activity. Intelligent tutoring systems have been used to assist in educational tasks. One recent development refers to Chat GPT which not only attracted the interest of academics around the world but also became a justifiable reason for the academics to start revising their education policies and practices. This research aims to investigate the value of using Chat GPT for educational purposes in midwifery. The research objective of this study refers to the potential of Chat GPT to facilitate learning that could provide not only accurate and up-to-date knowledge but also an assistant in problem-solving.

Material and Methods:
This study evaluates Chat GPT by examining its ability to provide justifiable and accurate answers to a set of questions that are formed in such a way that they pertain to midwifery subjects. The questions are formed so that they cover several important topics. The answers would require the combination of several midwifery domains at different levels of depth. The study considers a sample set of 35 questions as a starting point. The Chat GPT was asked to answer and justify each question one by one, engaging in a short domain-specific discussion. Next, the same questions were given, and similar discussions were developed with a group of expert midwives. The answers of both sessions were filed and assessed by using a set of criteria such as their accuracy, the justification detail, credibility, the length of the discussion, the depth of the knowledge used for an answer, etc. Content analysis and fuzzy logic techniques were used to analyze the answers analysis data.

The results provide insights into the Chat GPT potential as a tool for facilitating learning. The study identifies the characteristics of problems that Chat GPT is mostly useful as a tool that can assist in midwifery education as well as compares and contrasts the answers it has given with those provided by the experts. The research findings are expected to provide useful insights not only for future research but also for redesigning educational processes and policies.

As soon as Chat GPT became available many researchers and academics started investigating its potential uses and capabilities. The conclusions of this study highlight the ability of Chat GPT to become an intelligent tutor that can assist in-class lectures, lab sessions, and self-study.

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