Why publish with us
Why publish your article in European Journal of Midwifery?
No Article Processing Charges for 2019 and 2020
European Journal of Midwifery does not have author submission or open access fees.

EU European Publishing, is a member of Cross-ref. This citation-linking network covers more than 74 million journal articles, as well as many other content items from a variety of publishers globally. Through Cross-Ref, all articles published in the European Journal of Midwifery will receive a unique Digital Object Identification number (DOI), that will allow them to be cited by other articles.

It’s an Open Access journal – you retain copyright
Once accepted and typeset all articles are free to download by all readers without any subscription. Articles published in open access journals are cited more frequently than those in non-open access journals. Furthermore, as all articles are published under the Creative Commons license, you retain ownership and copyright of the article.

Fast and Professional Peer Review
We work closely with editors and peer reviewers to provide authors with an efficient, fair, and constructive review process. We offer an easy online submission and peer review process for this purpose. The average time from the date of submission to the first editorial decision is 4 weeks. To date, all authors of articles in European Journal of Midwifery have noted that they are “likely or highly likely to publish again in the journal and would recommend it to colleagues”.

Automated publishing platform
High quality copy-editing and type-setting guarantees you the best production process. The PDF version of each article is published in a certain format designed to achieve the very best look. European Journal of Midwifery uses an advanced, custom-designed, IT publishing platform. Each submitted papers go through the review process and if accepted, a fast track copy editing process.

For all of these reasons and more, European Journal of Midwifery is an excellent journal in which to publish your best papers in the field of midwifery.

Looking forward to receiving your submissions.